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Welcome to Red Osier
We didn't invent roast beef... we re-invented it

The story begins over 100 years ago. Butchers by trade then retail grocers and on to restaurants our calling was evident…beef experts. After serving over 100 tons of Prime Rib annually for nearly 30 years at the Red Osier Landmark restaurant, located in Western New York, and never being satisfied with the status quo, the Red Osier family added yet another entity to their offerings. Prime Roast Beef Sandwiches

In 1993 we re-invented roast beef. By blending the unique flavor profiles of our secret au jus with the highest of quality center cut top rounds and developing prepartion techniques that improved production and profitability, we knew we had a winner. Operations grew to stadiums, civic centers, golf courses and festivals.

Red Osier Roast Beef Kiosk

The story continues...three million sandwiches later we have become one of New York's premier vendors. Enter Tyson Foods Inc.

In 2006 we’ve grown beyond the borders of Western New York, now available at your local distributor nationwide

Red Osier… a rare sandwich, well done.

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Red Osier Roast Beef Kiosk
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